Eligibility & Application

Nomination Deadline

Submission Deadline:
23 February 2024 at 12:00 noon
(Late submissions will NOT be considered.)

Nomination Method

QBA 2024 only accepts online nominations. Please complete the online nomination form with all the required information and upload the required documents.

Nomination Fee

  1. HKD8,000.00 will be collected for each nominated project (one nomination in one category only).
  2. The nomination fee is non-refundable once submitted. 
  3. The submitted nomination fee of any ineligible building or project will not be refunded.
  4. The application fee should be paid by cheque, made payable to "The Hong Kong Construction Association, Ltd", located at 4/F Lee Garden 3, Causeway Bay, HK.

Required Nomination Documents / Materials

Materials to be collected for nomination submission:
  1. Occupation Permits (OP or Phased OP): Acknowledgement letters on Form BA14 or Confirmation letter of Substantial Completion. 
  2. Nomination Document: A maximum of 20 pages of content materials in A3 Landscape size with less than 10,000 words to illustrate the merits under the judging criteria for each nominated project (refer to the Judging Criteria for details). 
  3. Electronic Images: A minimum of 6 electronic image files showing the project (Format: “.jpg”, image resolution no less than 350 dpi).
  4. Companies’ Logos: Logos of all project team members (Format: “.ai” and “.jpg”, image resolution no less than 350 dpi) .

*Please follow the naming for the document / folder with the bolded titles above.


  1. All submissions of Award Categories 1-6 must be written in proficient English. 
  2. All submissions of Award Categories 7-8 can be written in proficient English or Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese.  
  3. Finalists of Award Categories 1-6 should use English as the only language for presentation to the Jury Panel and can use English, Cantonese or Putonghua to reply to Jurors‘ questions.  
  4. Finalists of Award Categories 7-8 can use English, Cantonese or Putonghua for presentation to the Jury Panel and to reply Jurors‘ questions.
  5. To ensure that every team member is aware of their participation as a contestant for the Quality Building Award 2024, each member is requested to provide a screenshot of the internal email notification regarding their participation. Please upload the screenshot in the "Screenshot of an email confirming the member's agreement to participate in the award" section of the online nomination form.
  6. The QBA 2024 Organizing Committee reserves the right to reproduce, print or publish the submitted material, in either paper or electronic format, or for any use in association with QBA 2024.  
  7. The information obtained will be used for this Award only. 


Materials to be collected once your project enters the finalist round:

HKD22,000.00 will be collected from each finalist as a Participation Fee for production of the QBA 2024 Commemorative Souvenir for all Finalists, in addition to the nomination fee mentioned above.  

A 25-second video will be collected from the nominees who entered the finalist round. The video introduces the project, and will be played at the Award Presentation Ceremony. Submission deadline will be early August 2024

To promote the benchmark of quality buildings, the finalist(s) has the obligation to arrange the seminar(s) or site visit(s) for industry peers after the award presentation ceremony. The secretariat office will further be in touch for the logistic arrangement.



  1. Eligible buildings should possess either Occupation Permits (OP or Phased OP), Acknowledgement letters on Form BA14 or Confirmation letter of Substantial Completion between 1 July 2020 and 30 November 2023 as stated in the submission requirements.  
  2. A partially completed building will not be accepted unless phasing of the project is rendered as a completed portion of a distinct building with possession of OP. 
  3. Project teams can choose to submit their nominations for any of the categories subject to final approval by the QBA 2024 Organizing Committee. 
  4. Project teams cannot submit nominations for the Quality Excellence Award, Sustainable Development Award, and Innovative Project Award. This class of award is only given to one project chosen in the final round of assessment by the jury Panel. 
  5. A building / buildings can be nominated provided it has never been assessed in the Quality Building Award held in previous years. 
  6. The QBA 2024 Organizing Committee reserves the ultimate right to make final and binding decisions on the eligibility of all applications. 
  7. Award Category 7 - Building Outside Hong Kong (Include Mainland, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas)  At least one of the project teams of the nominated building(s) should be a Hong Kong based company. 
  8. Award Categories 8 (Building in GBA (Not include Hong Kong)) are open to all eligible projects in Greater Bay Area (GBA), with no limitation on the companies involved in the project. 
  9. The Quality Excellence Award, Sustainable Development Award and Innovative Project Award Categories are limited to projects within the territorial limits of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Award Categories 7 - Building Outside Hong Kong and Award Categories 8 - Building in GBA (Not include Hong Kong) are not eligible for the award category.
  10. The QBA 2024 Organizing Committee reserves the right to not bestow an award if the Jury Panel deems that no nomination has earned an award. 
  11. Project Teams are required to conduct a final presentation to the QBA 2024 Jury Panel once they are shortlisted by the Organizing Committee. Finalist qualification will be usurped if the project team is unable to present at the Finalist Presentation to Jury Panel cum Conference. 
  12. The decision of the Jury Panel shall be final for the award assignments.